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I am starting a small project that aims in adding spatial functionality to SQLite. SQLite is an in-process SQL database, meaning that there are no clients or servers involved, thus no IPC overheads, no administrations. I just figured, a spatial extension for in-process database would be good to have around when you are going to […]

Having been a Linux developer, I found many speed-bumps shifting environment.┬áPeople told me that the basics are the same, and things will go smooth once you know them. To me shifting environment from Linux to windows like a sea-based fish, trashed to the shore on a fine Sunday morning, and mother nature force them to […]

I was working on my thesis program which forces me to resort back to C++ for speed reason. Before that, i did it in python. It’s done. It’s running. It’s correct. It dissapoint. The C++ alternative gains light. Alas, C++ (nor C) never been my favorit.

My problem in using C or C++ is, being practically native of Java (the programming language, as well as the island), I have never fully understand how to harness the power of pointers. Those asterisks (*) and ampersands (&) haunts me! Can never fully figure out why (fundamentally speaking) they are there. Books says lots of things : ‘pointers’, ‘pass-by reference’, ‘pointer arithmetics’.