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It’s mid November and the faithful Leonid Meteor Shower (LMS) is back. Leonid is one of the prolific seasonal meteor shower each year. Read more for spotting tips.


August is perhaps the month sky lovers been waiting for the whole year. Reason for this is none other than the coming Perseid Meteor Shower. The Perseid meteor shower happens when earth, in her revolution circling the sun, swims through the long tail of comet Swift-Tuttle. This happens on August every year. The debris of […]

If you are living in the souther hemisphere, these days will be a good time to spot the closest star to our sun, Alpha Centauri. Being the fourth brightest star in the night sky, and in it’s constellation Centaurus, Alpha Centauri can be easily spotted with naked eyes, even in mildly lit surroundings like in […]