eWeek: 100 most influential people in IT


Just ran into this on digg. A compiled list of 100 most influential people in IT from eWeek. The names were nominated by “A committee of veteran writers and editors from Baseline, CIO Insight and eWEEK“. Here’s some capricious highlight:

  • Of all the names, some are (supposedly actively) affiliated to the big names like Microsoft (six names, excluding former CEO, Bill Gates), Google (five names, Page and Schmidt counted as one), and IBM (three names). Seems that these giants really are a whirlpool of talents.
  • Six names are either politician (of the US House of Representative. Nancy Pelosi is among the names for her advocacy on Net Neutrality law), US Federal Govt Employee, and one is a President (Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, make it to the list for “Opening Brazil to Open Source”). After all, this list is not a ‘list of techies’.
  • There are at least three authors famous for their books (Tom Friedman, The World is Flat’s author made it to the list, the book isn’t even all about IT, more about Globalization) and two editors (one of them is the editor of New York Times who wrote The Google Story).
  • At least six names are stated as affiliated with Educational or Research Institutes. Some are Professors and academician.
  • Four names are language creator, designer, or lead designer: Perl (Larry Wall), Python (Guido van Rossum), C# (Anders Hejlsberg), Java (James Gosling)
  • The creator of Firefox (Blake Ross) made it to the list (among the top)
  • Linus Torvalds made it to the list as well as other hand-full of names who are either developer, lawyer, or politician, who is credited for their involvement in Linux or Open Source Initiative
  • There are at least one more non-American on the list. B. Ramalinga Raju from Satyam, an Outsourcing Consultant presumably in India. I remember seeing Satyam name on one of the companies name doing headhunting here on campuss.
  • Tim Berners-Lee is (of course) on the list.

These names are supposedly have “tangible track record of IT success, influence beyond his/her organization, the ability to induce changes, and involvement in development of emerging technologies”.

Why do I put these names here? Hmmm…dunno. First, as the page does not links to the profiles, I tried to fill the gap here and link it to wikipedia. Then, I think I just wanna celebrate some of the names there for the jolly-impressive software/service I use in my everyday live.

…and of course learn from them, yes that too…but who can learn from the wisest if the wisest of men follows their own directions?


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