On Changing Development Environtment


Having been a Linux developer, I found many speed-bumps shifting environment. People told me that the basics are the same, and things will go smooth once you know them. To me shifting environment from Linux to windows like a sea-based fish, trashed to the shore on a fine Sunday morning, and mother nature force them to walk by flapping their tiny-little-unevolved fins. The thing is that there are layers of information that I need to know before knowing what I really need to know. And that hyperlink-swarmed docs aren’t making things any easier. Finding clues in MSVS docs/MSDN is a lot more hassle than, for instance,  just ask the guy at the next cubicle. 

Today, I spent hours only for figuring out how this simple tutorial suppose to be implemented. The thing was this, I (the compiler) could not find the required header files. I am using MSVC++EE.

Back when I started off my project, I figured out that I wasn’t gonna need other language support provided by the the big-fat full version MSVS.NET, so I optedfor the lite MSVC++ EE instead. I never been a good windows developer. In fact, I never been at all. In Linux, everything are more transparent (whatever that means) to developers. I know where to put things (libs, headers) and where to refer to  them when needed. If they are missing, I know it immediately. And also, they came bundled with the distro.

It took me hours to figure out, I needed a separate Platform SDK installed (it is big!). This is where all the header files required for the tutorial sopposed to be.  Having only MSVC++EE without the PSDK, can only allow me to code few simple things using C/C++ standard lib. It’s a bloated C++ code editor/compiler.


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