Average human running speed


Have you ever wonder how fast human can run? I googled a bit for “average human running speed” and, obviously, got various replies. So I turned to my exercise records.

In average, it took me 40 minutes to cover my 4 km track, non-stop. Means that my running speed is about 6 km/hr. Not a record to be proud of, I know. If Kenenisa Bekele (holders of world record for 5km long-distance run) were to run my lap, it would take him a little less than 10 minutes to finish, based on his best record (5 km in 12 minutes 37 s). Taking rough counts, his average speed is about 25 km/hr.

Taking pesimistic point of view by considering my speed as the lowest limit (unless you are slower than me), average human (male) running speed is between 6 – 25 km/hr.

This approach defies all statistical principles so the conclusion is, put it simple, bunk. 🙂

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34 Responses to “Average human running speed”

  1. 1 ivona tinkle

    u smell

  2. 2 Ahmed

    You really are shit, I fell sorry for you and your family. =]

  3. 3 Juicesickle

    he may not be as fast at running but I bet he can spell “feel” a hell of alot better!

  4. 4 shommy

    Well said bro,i like your answer.

  5. 5 adam

    I know this is really old, and no one will ever read this.

    But this is absolutely brilliant.

  6. 6 J-Rike

    This is America kilometers are for pussies!

    • 7 Gay-Rike

      I find it hilarious that you decide to glorify the utterly useless and obsolete imperial units by saying “This is America”, when in fact all of those units that Americans use so patriotically were invented a the whims of British kings. For instance, the yard was introduced when Henry VIII (I’m not sure if it actually was the VIII, but that is irrelevant) decided to measure the distance from his nose to his hand and made that the official unit for distance. Also, the “foot” was in fact the length of some other king’s step. Even Britain abandoned these units, does that tell you something?

      • Yes this tells everyone that the british are pussies, and if you need more proof of this you should google the American revolution

  7. 9 J-Rike

    And who OWNS a track and runs that slow?

  8. 10 pepe

    Hey I just found out that I run at that speed. Sadly. But your not alone 😉

  9. 11 Leakime

    Thanks, I’m making a distance time graph for math and that really helps.

  10. 12 cdrthire

    i don’t think you’re that slow, i’m not a runner but i’ve been practicing some sport since i was 6 i’m 21 now and made 8km in an hour that means i would have completed your lap in 30 minutes.

  11. 13 Shirley

    Hmm… It takes me about 12-20 minutes to go through 2.5 km track, depending on seemingly very small things.

    In conclusion: Don’t ask about even a one certain person. And to talk about different people of varying height, weight, current training etc… In one word, hopeless. 😛

    So, that actually is as accurate as it gets.

  12. 14 Taha Zero

    Well. you did a great job. but i don’t think that you can run at your top speed for 4km. try running your top speed and as soon as you feel a bit tired stop. see how much time it took you to run the distance you cut. that would be your top speed. as for the 4km i think that is your jogging speed.
    Thanks a lot anyway.

  13. 15 Hank Hill

    Fuck you Adam. I read it. This man is a god damn genius.

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  16. 19 Dissmaster

    J-Rike… ur an idiot, if evryone on this planet was like u, we’d be stuck in the stone age… sumtings most def lackin from ur system. oh and please Go recycle ur shit.

  17. 20 Dissmaster

    Haha lmfao Adam…kilometers exist for a reason… Try going to school, ul actually learn it there

  18. 21 Peaceandlove

    J-Rike, you have a truck with a gunrack in the back, don’t you? It was annoying when the world changed to metric because it meant learning a new system. However it’s a system that makes more sense. Unfortunate the States thought the American people weren’t intelligent enough to learn. I guess that’s why the American public school system ranks lower than many 2nd and even 3rd world countries. Sad. Non-stop running is more difficult than running 1K and multiplying it by 4. Happy you are all running! I sure miss inches when you talk shoe sizes…

  19. 22 Natasha

    I disagree with defying statistical principles! An average requires 2 numbers – which you have. The human walking speed is 4-6km/hr, which means a 6km/hr run is the slowest. You also have the fastest speed of 25km/hr (which is roughly about the same as my Yaris). So you have the highest and lowest values right there! Assuming a normal distribution, that gives an average human running speed of 15.5km/hr. Which is, in fact, the average human running speed as stated by the Internet.
    See, your stats were just fine 🙂

  20. 23 Leah

    i can run 11mph, anybody know how many km/hr that is?

  21. Nice. I’m 16 years old an i can run 28 km/h.

    • this is simply not true

      • 27 freefullmovieshere

        Why wouldn’t it be true? The average speed is 6-25km/h i’m just above it. And i have never know anyone from the same age who is faster or almost as fast as me.

      • 28 freefullmovieshere

        Freefullmovieshere is my second account. I didn’t realize that i was commenting with the wrong account.

  22. 29 UWillNeverDie

    I would like Kenenisa Bekele to face the fact that I’m faster .

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  24. 31 JamesPenguin

    you are really slow man, it takes me roughly 50min of walking to the nearest court to play basketball, the distance from my house to the court is around 5km.

    • 32 rosie

      I run slower than I walk, so that isn’t surprising to me. (And I mean running/jogging for fitness, not sprinting for the bus, which I can do a hell of a lot faster)

  25. 33 Thinkers run the world!

    I guess the average depends on a persons fitness level. A beginner will be a lot slower than someone who has been running for a few years.
    I’m unfit and can manage 6 km/h before I run out of breath. I used to do 6 km in 26 mins which is about 8.5 km/h.

    And the comments about a form of measurement being for pussies or not. OMG and people really that narrow minded or just trolling. It is like saying running 2 km is weak because the mile is better, but in fact 1 mile would only be 1.6 km. Think about it, a strong opinion doesn’t make you right.

    Most of the world has moved from imperial to metric for simplicity, that’s why we use base 10 numbering, 1, 10, 100, 1000. Measurement is uniform to how we count.

    **So I’m expecting people to blurt of some useless words with “small pieces” of useful information just to try and debunk or justify their message. Know what you are saying first, listen, watch, observe. Or just be naive to the fact that some of people look down on those who are stupid. You can avoid being seen as stupid! I will just keep pointing to this as reference to anything that is not positive or constructive.

  26. thanks for making me LOL …

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