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Useless morning


Since my first day as a student in Malaysia, I have been a subscriber of celcom, the oldest cellular┬ácompany in the country, owned by Telekom Malaysia. Being the oldest celluar company, I kinda expected to┬áreceive premium services even tough I’m just a prepaid customer. Until recently, the service had not dissapoint me. While other operators […]

Hair affair


Ini macem-macem komentar temen-temen saya soal potongan rambut saya yang baru yang saya dapatkan di kedai gunting rambut Khrishnan, Bandar Universiti, yg dimiliki, dikelola dan dioperasikan oleh Khrisnan dkk. Duma : “Kah! Duma punya gunting nih. Laen kali kalo mo cukur bilang-bilang dulu!” Ari : [no comment, tapi nutup mulut pake dua tangan sambil terus […]

Have you ever wonder how fast human can run? I googled a bit for “average human running speed” and, obviously, got various replies. So I turned to my exercise records. In average, it took me 40 minutes to cover my 4 km track, non-stop. Means that my running speed is about 6 km/hr. Not a […]

Foto-foto pernikahan Suhaila ada di sini! (Hint : use the slideshow, and hit F11 for full screen mode)