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I was working on my thesis program which forces me to resort back to C++ for speed reason. Before that, i did it in python. It’s done. It’s running. It’s correct. It dissapoint. The C++ alternative gains light. Alas, C++ (nor C) never been my favorit.

My problem in using C or C++ is, being practically native of Java (the programming language, as well as the island), I have never fully understand how to harness the power of pointers. Those asterisks (*) and ampersands (&) haunts me! Can never fully figure out why (fundamentally speaking) they are there. Books says lots of things : ‘pointers’, ‘pass-by reference’, ‘pointer arithmetics’.


I’m being philosophical. I closed two books I was reading to wear me to sleep; “Galileo’s Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love” and “God Does’t Play A Dice”. I was laying in bed, could’t sleep. My mind flew back to sophomore years in UI. I remembered a compulsory course named “Basic Social Science”. The lecturer put the following notion up for discussion; “…that religion and science are two different things. One departed from indoctrinated dogmas, and the other departed from observation and critical thinking…”. This is not about religion vs science debate (I’m not even sure there is a point worth a long tiring debate there). It’s the way I was positioning my self confronting such situation.