At least one


Once upon a time in the midst of industrial revolution, three gentlemen ride together in a coach on a train headed from London to Scotland. One of them was an Economis, another one was a Logician, and the other was a Mathematician.

Upon crossing the border of Scotland, from the window of their coach, they saw a brown cow grazing in the field. Then the Economist said “Look! The cows in scotland are brown”. Hearing this, the Logician replied “Phuey! I say, there are cows in scotland of which at least one is brown”. The Matematician, with full confedence of his sound dicipline, replied “You gentlemen are ignorants. I say, there are cows in scotland of wich at least one side appears to be brown”.

I remember reading this joke from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Indonesian version). It was narrated by the main character, Christoper Boone, an autistic but gifted kid. I was tempted to buy the book because the cover was obnoxiously pink, the title was meaninglessly long, and the chapters were numbered by consecutive prime numbers.


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