Sleeping habbit of football bounded creatures


Yes, this is a bandwagoning post centered around World Cup. I wonder how many other posts like this flying on blogsphere now that WC’s closing to climax. But, instead about teams and sport dramas, I’ll try to keep this ‘me’.

For those of you out there who firmly believe that earth is round, I can safely tell you: for people like me, living half globe away from Germany makes my life schedule turned upside down. It’s not that I’m the kind of person who makes daily schedule. Take that as more of a daily to do list.

During first round matches, in my part of the world, the first match of the day starts at 9 PM. And the last one, ends around 5 AM. But I don’t watch all the matches. I’m not a hardcore football fan like some people I know of. who can remember exactly the penalty shoot out in 1990 WC semifinal between Italy and Argentina. Ended with Italian denied to the final in home soil >wink<. You see. Relationship between me and football is more like a producer and consumer relationship. The teams playing give me good match, I like them. They give me ugly, defensive, goalless play, I cheer not for them and switch to another channel. Now, during the final stage, even when there is no match, I can not sleep early. WC’s bout to end. I’m gonna need to readjust my bio clock again.

And today, Germany versus Italy.

Ihne Hölle geben, Herr Klinsmann!


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