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Once upon a time in the midst of industrial revolution, three gentlemen ride together in a coach on a train headed from London to Scotland. One of them was an Economis, another one was a Logician, and the other was a Mathematician. Upon crossing the border of Scotland, from the window of their coach, they […]

Zidane and Materazzi, who scored the game’s two goals, exchanged words in the 110th minute, Zidane walked away and then inexplicably turned around and charged head-first into Materazzi’s chest like a bull at Pamplona. Materazzi fell backward onto the field.

Know what I think? I thinkMaterazzi sure said something realy realy bad, then and there on the pitch, to get his chest bulled by Zidane.

Yes, this is a bandwagoning post centered around World Cup. I wonder how many other posts like this flying on blogsphere now that WC’s closing to climax. But, instead about teams and sport dramas, I’ll try to keep this ‘me’. For those of you out there who firmly believe that earth is round, I can […]