Moving out day


It’s been a while since the dorm warden announce ’bout moving us out to new building. I had hoped that the plan was cancelled. Why? Because my room was the finest one. It was a corner room so it is slightly larger. Facing the greens. Second floor. Not to tall, not to shallow above ground either. The new room for us is squeezed in the middle of buildings. Open a window and you’ll stare face to face to neigbour accross the street. Heck, I won’t be able to do my favorite pass time activity. Staring in to space!

So had me and my roomate searching for new room. Got one. And today I had to haul my stuff here (am on the room right now) under the blistering hot of Malaysian sun. I am like having 10 times more stuff than the first time I got here. Indeed it was draining.

Some of my fellow countrymate question my decission not to stay in the same cluster as they all are. To them I say, by living with foreigners, I can exercise my view on cultural relativism. Some fancy reason huh? Well to put it bluntly, I just wanna try something different. I’ve been living with Indonesian since I was born! I just think, when other can I get the chance to practice my English from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep. Besides, I can always drop by their place as usual and pestering them anytime I want :).

Nope, my habitational preferences shouldn’t bother them. We’re cool.

So here I am, trying to tidy things up.

>Phew!< I am battered.


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