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Moving out day


It’s been a while since the dorm warden announce ’bout moving us out to new building. I had hoped that the plan was cancelled. Why? Because my room was the finest one. It was a corner room so it is slightly larger. Facing the greens. Second floor. Not to tall, not to shallow above ground […]

Prolog Aku, Buku, dan Sepotong Sajak Cinta oleh Muhidin M Dahlan. Setelah tradisi mukjizat berhenti di awal tahun masehi, manusia lalu melahirkan beragam penciptaan dengan jalan pembiasaan dalam-ruang-dalam-sejarah-dunia. Lalu ada yang dinamakan Ilham Ilham tidak sama dengan mukjizat yang lahir dari keajaiban. Ilham lahir dari setiap renik pembiasaan. Membaca itu ilham, menulis itu ilham. Dan […]

Excerpt from “So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish” by Douglas Adams I‘ll tell you a story. A true story. You know sometimes people tell you stories that are supposed to be something that happened to their wife’s cousin’s best friend, but actually probably got made up somewhere along the line.

Why am I keep thinking bout her? Can’t keep her out of my head for just one straight day. God, is love a curse as it as a blessing? Cause love’s killin’ me right now. I can’t help it. This kind of love are doomed to debris. No…there is no future for us. I just […]

Yet another one


Why am I keep creating new blogs everytime i feel i wanna jot in something? Dunno. It’s a bad habbit of mine not tending for what I have started. It’s just that everytime i come across new blog sites, i can help but wanting to get my hands on, and try it (like wordpress one […]